15 Bar 4 Hole Milk Frother Can Foam Milk Coffee Makers


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Product Description
Model: 3200D
Type: Espresso
How to Use: Button operation
Color: Black/Red
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Style: Espresso
Water Tank Capacity: 1.7L
Power: 2650W
Pressure: 15 bar
Cooking Capacity: 16 cups
Handle: Double Cup
Size: 345*428*485mm
How to Make Espresso Coffee
Step 1
Install the portafilter with coffee powder.
Step 2
Click on the button( Single-Cup Button, Double Cup Button or Manual Button).
Step 3
Coffee Extraction.
How to Get Inquiry
Please share us your requirements, we can recommend the machine for you.

Where will you use the machine? Home, office or coffee shop?
Do you prefer single or double groups machine?
* How many sets do you need?
* What’s your budget?
What is your shipping address?
Then we can recommend the right machine for you and give you quotation with shipping cost. 
Just send us an inquiry to get more details. We are ready for you.



Red, black


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